Elite Taping offers a range of services in the field of ​taping and drywall installation.

Our services include:


Taping and Finishing

We provide expert taping and finishing ​services to give your walls a polished and ​flawless appearance. Our skilled tapers use ​high-quality materials and techniques to ​archive a smooth and durable finish.



Drywall Installation

We Specialize in professional drywall ​installation for both residential and commercial ​properties.

Our team ensures precise measurements, ​seamless joints, and a smooth finish.

Texture Ceilings

If you desire a textured ceiling, we offer a two ​options including popcorn and knockdown. ​Our team can apply these textures with ​precision and attention to detail.


Drywall Repairs

Weather you have minor cracks, holes, or ​extensive damage to your drywall, our ​experienced team can handle all types of ​repairs. We ensure a seamless repair that ​matches the existing texture and finish of your ​walls.



We can help enhance the acoustic insolation of ​your space by installing soundproofing ​materials behind the drywall. This is particularly ​beneficial for home theatres, recording studios, ​or any environment where noise control is ​important.


Water Damage Restoration


Custom Taping and Finishing

In the unfortunate event of water damage to ​your drywall, our team can efficiently assess ​the extent of the damage, remove and replace ​affected areas, and restore your walls to their ​original condition.

If you have a specific design or pattern in mind, ​our skilled team can create custom taping and ​finishing solutions to bring your vision to life. ​We can create unique designs, or even ​incorporate decorative elements into the ​taping process.

At Elite Taping, we prioritize quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ​customer satisfaction in all of our services.

"Our team specializes in expert drywall ​finishing service. Leave the details to us ​allowing you to concentrate on what you ​do best."

Jason Scherfling, CEO

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